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Beat the heat! Limited-time EPIC summer landscape package. Includes expert lawn care, drought-resistant planting, and a complimentary shade consultation. FREE pro-evaluation

July Gardening Tips: Keep Your Landscape Thriving

Discover essential tips to maintain a healthy garden this July with EPIC Landscaping. Learn about mulching, tropical plant care, and organic pest control!
Lush & Green Lawn epicare Package. Includes: Deep aeration to improve drainage and root health. Overseeding thin patches with high-quality, drought-resistant grass. Weed control treatment. Personalized fertilization plan based on a soil test (optional add-on). Special discount for epic family after project evaluation.

July Gardening Tips: Create a Lush and Resilient Landscape

Discover essential tips to enhance your garden this July with EPIC Landscaping. Learn about rain gardens, hurricane season trimming, and energy-efficient lighting!
Summer oasis package. Free consultation to discuss your summer outdoor need

July Gardening Tips: Keep Your Landscape Cool and Safe

Discover essential tips to protect your garden from the summer heat and hurricane season with EPIC Landscaping. Learn about dynamic windbreaks, heat-reflective surfaces, and tropical plants!
Summer oasis package. Free consultation to discuss your summer outdoor need

Master Gardener Secrets: Transform Your Summer Yard!

Unlock the secrets to a thriving garden this summer with EPIC Landscaping. Learn expert pruning tips, soil health strategies, and smart irrigation techniques!

June Tips for a Stunning Summer Landscape

Discover essential tips to elevate your South Florida landscape this June. Learn about smart watering, modern design trends, and heat-tolerant ground covers!
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Keep Your Garden Thriving: Summer Tips from EPIC Landscaping

Discover essential tips to beat the heat and keep your South Florida garden vibrant this summer. Learn about hurricane prep, lawn care, and more!
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Summer-Ready Yard: Essential Tips for a Thriving South Florida Garden

Discover expert tips to keep your South Florida yard thriving this May. From heat-tolerant plants to eco-friendly pest control, EPIC Landscaping has you covered!
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May Mania: Transform Your South Florida Yard!

Expert tips for a thriving South Florida yard. Discover turf care, groundcovers, and beneficial bugs with EPIC Landscaping.
EPIC Blooms. Vincas, Coleus & Pentas. Transform your garden efforlessly with EPIC's perennial power-up! Say goodbye to replanting and hello to year-round blooms!

Prepare Your Garden for Summer: Expert Tips & Free Evaluation!

Get ready for summer with our essential gardening tips and a free landscape evaluation from EPIC Landscaping.

Get Your Garden Summer-Ready: Free Landscape Evaluation Offer!

Is your garden ready for summer fun? Don’t miss out on our limited-time offer for a free landscape evaluation!