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What People Say?

Gino RomeoGino Romeo
18:30 12 Apr 24
Ramon Group 29
Tobias AlanTobias Alan
17:40 12 Apr 24
ramon group 29
Michael BaileyMichael Bailey
21:06 11 Apr 24
Stephen KuhnStephen Kuhn
17:59 11 Apr 24
Guilt and his crew do great work on behalf of Epic Landscaping. They helped install my irrigation, program it and did detail cleaning on rust stains. They are very friendly and the work quality is excellent.
Delcho OgorelkoffDelcho Ogorelkoff
19:19 10 Apr 24
Frankie GonzalezFrankie Gonzalez
15:57 10 Apr 24
Great Job Ramon from Group 29👏👏
Pierre glenson DelvaPierre glenson Delva
21:00 09 Apr 24
Bere SerranoBere Serrano
20:24 09 Apr 24
NW 128 th Ln #15 -A Excellent service, highly recommended, those in group 19 are very friendly
Damo SereDamo Sere
19:30 09 Apr 24
Ramone group 29
Kasey SchwartzKasey Schwartz
20:22 08 Apr 24
Bernardo and his staff did an amazing job remodeling my travertine patio. They were prompt, clean and very professional. I would highly recommend them!
Jennifer O'NealJennifer O'Neal
19:32 05 Apr 24
Group DelvaExcellent work. Came on time. Work done efficiently and fast. All sprinklers working fine. A job well done
Bethie St FleurBethie St Fleur
18:14 05 Apr 24
Group 3 led by Mr. Carlos Silva does a good job
Rudi and Franniel's Team did an excellent landscaping job. They were very professional and helpful. I highly recommend Epic Landscaping/Nursery Team for its exceptional customer service and marvelous job!
PdR HouseholdPdR Household
23:23 04 Apr 24
Team Ramon Group 29 is the best! They've kept our back and front yards consistently neat, and always bring a great attitude.
Maria FallonMaria Fallon
18:32 04 Apr 24
Group 19 is the best!
15:51 04 Apr 24
Sufflok Mr romardo group 12 dose very good work
Norma LeetNorma Leet
20:13 03 Apr 24
They did a beautiful job and we’re very kind And respectful. This was the group headed by Ronaldo 12 group 12, group 12.
Kerry TurnerKerry Turner
20:03 03 Apr 24
To whom it may concern. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Guily today. Mr Guily works for Epic and he was sent out to repair an issue I had with my irrigation system. Mr Guily and his crue was very professional and extremely knowledgeable. Mr. Guily discovered that the system had several issues and assured me that the problem will be solved without any imposition on me or my family. Mr Guily is representing your company well. Sincerely, Mr. Turner
Natural Mind ClubNatural Mind Club
15:13 03 Apr 24
Fast. Great and looks professional! ❤️🥰💪🏻 Faren Alvarez with the 1 Crew Leader Irvin did a great job!
Alvaro AdanAlvaro Adan
15:05 03 Apr 24
Nothing but good things to say about Carlos Silva’s group. They do an excellent job with our landscaping. I have noticed the difference from our last provider.
michael ohayonmichael ohayon
20:41 02 Apr 24
Guily great job
Martha CavedaMartha Caveda
19:35 02 Apr 24
Guily did a great job fixing the sprinklers!
Tyler GirolamoTyler Girolamo
19:22 02 Apr 24
Fantastic to work with this team, top notch work, fast, professional, and clean. Very happy withour paver and landscape rock install!
Joseph SabbaghJoseph Sabbagh
18:47 02 Apr 24
Ramon29 did a great job
Maxim VayntraubMaxim Vayntraub
18:32 02 Apr 24
Faren Alvarez, Irwin and 1 crew did an absolutely incredible job. Most important is that they came when they said they would come, did the job fast and clean. Looks stunning. I have used several companies and there are always issues. This was the best experience I have had. Epic indeed.
Danielle CavalcanteDanielle Cavalcante
14:11 01 Apr 24
ever spray groupFlowers
Ron GarciaRon Garcia
16:14 29 Mar 24
Guily. Give me good job to the hospital.
Anthony FontiAnthony Fonti
15:16 29 Mar 24
Guily is hard working, dedicated, and his customers experience is exceptional.
12:45 29 Mar 24
My Epic Service Team is great. Faren, Ramon and Group 29 are true professionals who are very attentive to my needs and quick to respond to my requests. My landscaping looks wonderful every time they come and service. I would highly recommend this to any neighbors in my community. Thanks for everything! Mike L.
Alejandro SilbesteinAlejandro Silbestein
18:39 28 Mar 24
Guily thanks! He make an excellent job
Mimi GarridoMimi Garrido
21:50 27 Mar 24
Group 10 were wonderful at taking care of my lawn and backyard. Thank you for being professionals.
Josué LabautJosué Labaut
19:30 27 Mar 24
Amazing group number 8 , Arnaldo perez is azome guy! Very good job in my grassLetoile condos
Karl WilliamsKarl Williams
19:08 27 Mar 24
Awesome job, I would use this company anytime. Guily fixed my sprinkler in no time and was very professional.. thanks a million
Tony HowardTony Howard
15:06 27 Mar 24
For Group # 3 of Carlos Silva: This epic landscaping team is great, my house has a removable fence which causes additional work for them and they happily do the landscaping at my house with this additional hurdle.
Ospene SaintclairOspene Saintclair
14:00 27 Mar 24
Abel Perez and au equipment did a good job
Marcela RajlevskyMarcela Rajlevsky
19:21 26 Mar 24
Natalio and team did a good job!
Johnny ZeiglerJohnny Zeigler
16:34 21 Mar 24
Guily , A great access to our company to our company and have really make the spinkler System runs really well around the whole campus. We will highly recommend him for a promotion within your company or a nice bonus .
Anyi MarquezAnyi Marquez
14:40 20 Mar 24
Misael's group number 15 does a good job in Isles adventure
Natale ClemenzaNatale Clemenza
14:21 20 Mar 24
Very professional work done in my home… I full recommend Epic Landscaping for the mantenance of your garden…. In my case the work was performed by Isaac ( Group 19).
Hernan PereiraHernan Pereira
20:41 19 Mar 24
10 points worked, the group 19… good guys…
Natalia GarciaNatalia Garcia
19:28 19 Mar 24
Ronnie Perez was great. He did a great job with the trees in my backyard. Thank you Ronnie!
Home LesnyHome Lesny
19:31 18 Mar 24
Today, in Heron Cove, we had the pleasure of welcoming Epic Landscaping to our home to do some tree trimming. Under the diligent care of Rudy Perez truck 24 and his team, they did a fanatic job.
Leonardo RianoLeonardo Riano
18:04 15 Mar 24
They did a very good job for me.👍👍Group 19
laurens mavarezlaurens mavarez
15:39 15 Mar 24
Epic Landscaping Group # 10 are doing an excellent job 👏 every time they come to my house 🏡 very satisfied and happy with them 💕👍 I totally recommend it!
Arlene MolenArlene Molen
15:30 15 Mar 24
All employees were incredible ..polite, eager to please and hard working and they did an amazing job! Highly recommend. Kudos to the most amazing foreman! They beautified Heron Cove on 3/13/24!
Albert JradeAlbert Jrade
19:19 14 Mar 24
Group 15 Misael from Epic landscaping are incredible. I live in Aventura Isles
15:01 14 Mar 24
They are such hard workers. I really appreciate having them in my community! Groupo Misael 15
Avi MalkaAvi Malka
14:17 14 Mar 24
Misael was a very good worker The job was done perfectly and everything went through smooth Good job .
I live in Palomino Lakes, Davie. Staff is very friendly and helpful. If you need anything that has to do with landscaping they will help. Luis Vaca #24
Maria GMaria G
21:12 12 Mar 24
I can't recommend Epic Landscaping / Nursery enough! Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence truly set them apart. As a resident of the Etoile community, 3775 Piedmont Street, I've had the pleasure of witnessing their work firsthand. Being part of group 8, they bring a level of expertise and professionalism that is unmatched. Arnoldo Perez, the manager, leads the team with integrity and passion, ensuring every project exceeds expectations. If you're looking to transform your outdoor space, look no further than Epic Landscaping / Nursery!
Elise HalbersteinElise Halberstein
19:48 12 Mar 24
Highly recommend working with Felix! Him and his team worked hard and quickly on our driveway and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy customers.
Shonte HardwickShonte Hardwick
19:10 12 Mar 24
I am so impressed with the great landscaping job as well as the professionalism. Faren Alvarez made sure to do what we asked for & even more! I will definitely be using Epic Landscaping in the future for all of our needs! Price was exactly what we were quoted as well! I'm most definitely a happy new customer!
May RamMay Ram
18:09 12 Mar 24
I'm Maylin Ramirez a resident of L'etoile Community and happy to say that Group #8 with lead Arnoldo Perez are doing an amazing landscaping job. We got our front yard recently done, and his team is making sure to keep it in good shape.
15:17 12 Mar 24
Group 29Ramon-SupervisorExcellent service, attention to detail
Melanie GouldMelanie Gould
21:21 11 Mar 24
THE absolute BEST! Once we got the estimate and gave them the OK to start They sent Bernard out the next day to make sure our driveway Pavers were done. I went for a walk for approx 20-30 minutes, and when I came back, the job was 80% complete. They are super professional, They come on time, They don’t stop until they’re finished. They’re not many reliable companies out here, but these guys work fast and are smart QUICK thinkers. Bernard has Been here with his team and They might even finish before five, Which was not expected!!! He definitely minimize the amount of time you have to live in chaos with construction going on, Since they work so quickly. I would def hire them again and am referring to everyone i know.
Patricia DieppaPatricia Dieppa
17:43 11 Mar 24
Great job! Romaldo, group 12 does a great job always.
Jody Larissa KaminskyJody Larissa Kaminsky
23:23 08 Mar 24
Bernardo and the whole crew did an excellent job, extending my driveway with additional pavers. They were prompt in giving me a quote, showed up on the day that they said they would, and completed the job quickly and professionally. I was very impressed with their work. In addition, all the workers were extremely polite and professional. Highly recommend.
18:56 08 Mar 24
Very professional. Had the job done in no time and at a fair price
Gloria SacalGloria Sacal
15:42 08 Mar 24
Very good attention and friendliness group 24 Luis Vaca order. Amir good attention
Whitney LeverettWhitney Leverett
19:31 06 Mar 24
I am a resident of Palomino Lakes and Group#8 Anoldo Peres- does a great job!!! 5 stars!
Levi DLevi D
15:35 05 Mar 24
Group 29, specifically Ramon and Anibal Sandobal, does a great job in the community and did my French drain really well
Diana AcevedoDiana Acevedo
14:43 05 Mar 24
Great attention & work from the group Carlo Silva #3
Santiago GangotenaSantiago Gangotena
20:59 04 Mar 24
Great and courteous service from Isaac grupo 19 @ Plantation. Give him a raise!!
Tarpa EnterprisesTarpa Enterprises
19:45 04 Mar 24
Work well done.
Carlos Silva truck 03They provide good service and leave all areas clean.
Lee HowellLee Howell
20:31 02 Mar 24
Nicole Wolmer was our salesperson , designer and project director. She listened carefully to our priorities re damaged tree removal, tree replacement, soil replenishment, irrigation efficiency and best choices of low maintenance plants.Once the project was underway she assigned excellent people to the job. ANIBAL was the main field supervisor who arrived with his crew on time everyday for the 12 day duration. He kept me informed of the scheduled deliveries and projected completion dates for each phase. He was polite and made suggestions when asked.ABEL, was in charge of irrigation, but I dealt mostly with an efficient guy they called EL FLACO :-). He installed new lines and sprinklers; came back on more than one occasion to tweak the system and to show me how to use my updated system.Once I get the name of their lighting guy I’ll give a shout out. He’s made our outdoors accessible after dark! Thanks to everyone at Epic.
Cassie PermenterCassie Permenter
21:16 01 Mar 24
Epic is amazing from outstanding customer service to outstanding work! I hired them to install a French drain as I was having a flooding issue on the side of my house but what I got was so much more....they are experts in knowing what is needed and also making it look beautiful! They really care and take pride in their work, we need more companies like this....a big thank you to everyone at Epic for a great job well done!!!
Oualid JaouadiOualid Jaouadi
17:52 29 Feb 24
After few different estimates I choose Epic landscaping witch was the best price, Andres Collier is the main person very professional always on time and his team did great job very happy thank you guys
Rodrigo FajardoRodrigo Fajardo
17:59 28 Feb 24
had a top team in the landscaping design and execution of our backyard. Nicoles was extraordinary in the design and in leading the project. was our to go person with any request o=r issue. Very knowledgeabl;e on plants. Then the execution of works was lead by Natalio and his team. Very effective and supportive in all works. This complements the review which we gave on the irrigation team which also arned a 5 star. Very pleased with work.
Mike FaugheyMike Faughey
01:26 28 Feb 24
Great company. From Design through execution, Andres was there for us all the way. He even answered after hour texts! A definition of customer service. Very easy to meet with, discuss alternatives, change designs on the fly. Epic treats you like customer - imagine that!Bernardo installed the turf to perfection! Even let me help… a little…Superb attention to detail. Love the outcome. His crew was excelente!!With a project like this it was amazing how little disruption it caused. Extremely professional! Quick and efficient. Master craftsman. Attention to detail.Abel managed the landscaping. Very though and precise. A focus on the customer. He even trimmed my palm trees which were not even part of the project.Epic is a gem. Highly recommended.
Susette Andaya-GomezSusette Andaya-Gomez
20:33 27 Feb 24
Shout out to Robert Adrian and the Epic landscaping team for taking such good care of my plants. They are a very friendly, respectful and helpful. I had an issue with our hedges after being damaged from having our roof cleaned and they took the time to speak with me about it, added fertilizer and gave me advice on keeping them healthy.
Jessica EinsidlerJessica Einsidler
19:56 27 Feb 24
Delva did an amazing job. They were very friendly and did great work. We would definitely use them again.
Roy HooeRoy Hooe
15:19 26 Feb 24
Bernard and his team did a great job installing my brick pavers out front of my house not only did they clean up good they actually washed my wife’s car which really had no dust on it from them at all, but they just did it as a courtesy I guess since they were working right out front there and we’re cleaning up the rest of the walkway. Everyone was very polite and did a great job. I would highly recommend them.
David AdamsonDavid Adamson
22:41 25 Feb 24
This is not a landscaping company that I use, but rather one of my neighbors. One weekend during the holidays one of their trucks and trailers backed into my mailbox and broke it. Doesn’t seem like that big a deal except that it was a concrete mailbox anchored 3 feet into the ground. I contacted the owner, but because I was out of town was not really able to address the issue until after the new year. The owner of the company was apologetic, and assured me that he had a full record of who was driving that day and GPS on the trucks to corroborate my story. He further assured me that he would make things right. I shopped around for another mailbox, but the company that I bought it from no longer carries them and I had a tough time even finding someone that did make them. But when I did, I had it installed. When the company installed it, they took the old one away. I contacted the owner of Epic, told him the progress I had made, and he immediately wired me payment in full for the new mailbox. No questions asked! I felt that someone with this sort of business ethic should be reviewed with five stars just as much as someone who does a good job at Landscaping. Everyone is quick to get on the Internet and complain when things don’t go right, but very seldom do people invest the time to make a review when things go right. Thank you, Epic Landscaping!
Marc JeanPierreMarc JeanPierre
21:29 22 Feb 24
Tech Delva Joseph and Herode have done a wonderful job by fixing the sprinkler system in my home. Excellent Thanks
Yacdaleth HernandezYacdaleth Hernandez
23:42 16 Feb 24
Grateful for the work of group 24 with the manager Luis VacaDoral Resident
Kerlande MarseilleKerlande Marseille
21:11 16 Feb 24
Abel Perez and his group did a good job in The backyard of my house
Maura Lucy de AbrahamMaura Lucy de Abraham
20:38 16 Feb 24
Abel Perez works very well and is very kind, congratulations for the staff Bernardo
Lelis KaufmanLelis Kaufman
19:06 16 Feb 24
Group #10
Humberto FortunaHumberto Fortuna
17:29 16 Feb 24
Ronny Perez did a great job at my house in Weston. Hurricane cut in Florida for our homes is critical in order to protect the houses from damage. Really appreciate the professional way the work was done. Highly recommend.The whole Epic team was excellent!!!From Nelson Garcia in Weston.
Courtney HansenCourtney Hansen
16:34 15 Feb 24
Wonderful job! Juan and the crew with truck 25 trimmed our trees, service was quick and resonably priced. The team did an excellent job cleaning up. Would definitely reccommend.
Patrick JonesPatrick Jones
16:12 14 Feb 24
Abel Perez. Great work
21:24 13 Feb 24
I met Romaldo for the first time. I am very pleased with him. He was very helpful and willing to do the job.
Very good job from Robert Adrian!
19:07 12 Feb 24
Today, February 12, 2024, at noon, I had the opportunity to speak with the person in charge of the Epic Gardening Team who is currently doing excellent work in the area of ​​Patio Homes 1. I congratulate him because they are really doing an EXCELLENT and CAREFUL job. in Trees, Shrubs and Palms “SUPER GOOD” 👌🏽Thank you EPIC and its managers for this selection of very efficient workers 👍🏽
Marci FeldmanMarci Feldman
15:54 12 Feb 24
The men from Epic truck number 25 were so helpful They it back and then cleaned up many trees.
Greg SansumGreg Sansum
13:01 11 Feb 24
We had to have a very large Bishopwood tree removed from our backyard. Epic Landscaping was recommended to us by a Horticulturalist we have used. Not only did their estimate to do the job come in at about half the price of their competitors, Rudy Perez and his team did an excellent job with the removal. We wanted some of the bigger pieces move to a different location, and they handled it without issue. They ground down the huge stump to where I wouldn't know that the tree was even there! The were professional and careful not to harm sprinkler heads or our yard in the process. I would use them again in an instant.
20:49 09 Feb 24
Luis Vaca group 24The group is working on my house in Palomino Lake on the part of the lake behind Mustang Manor Street and left everything clean by trimming the bushes.
Stacey CohenStacey Cohen
20:32 09 Feb 24
Rudy Perez 24 - were amazing. They did everything we asked. We love their work. They are returning tomorrow to finish. I highly recommend them!
Ralph CurraRalph Curra
20:13 09 Feb 24
Epic and Abel Perez always go above and beyond. Did an amazing job re laying some sod for me. They always take time to do everything perfect and clean everything after the job.
Chris TullerChris Tuller
18:36 09 Feb 24
Epic crews are the best of the best !!!Awesome work !!'
Nicole BerkinNicole Berkin
20:01 08 Feb 24
Abel did a great job with my root pruning and guard and even replaced the pavers back! Looks back to new!
Sara ButterwickSara Butterwick
15:47 08 Feb 24
Wonderful service!!
Kenny DrysdaleKenny Drysdale
13:30 08 Feb 24
Very happy with Epic Landscaping. Group 10 has been managing my yard for the last 3 years and does an amazing job. Highly recommend.
Jim MillenerJim Millener
20:41 07 Feb 24
Great job for a fair price. Thanks Juan and truck 25 crew.
Anthony ManninoAnthony Mannino
15:48 07 Feb 24
The team of Abel prez did a great job in Morningstar !
Astrid DiazAstrid Diaz
16:03 06 Feb 24
Excellent work by group 8!! In the Adventure area
21:21 05 Feb 24
Abel Perez and team did an amazing job with my removal of my tree along with clean work and quick. Thank You
Hansel ArriecheHansel Arrieche
04:22 04 Feb 24
I highly recommend Epic landscaping. Roberto Adrian was very professional, knowledgeable and polite. He also gave us recommendations on how to maintain our landscaping.
14:53 03 Feb 24
Epic is the best . So nice so helpful. Always a pleasure seeing them on our property . Thanks guys !!!anibal SandovalValencia village -
Mundo fpcMundo fpc
19:57 02 Feb 24
Group 8 did a fantastic job and Arnoldo Perez was very friendly, did a great job here in Carolina (Margate) in Broward County.
Carla KohnCarla Kohn
14:52 02 Feb 24
Amazing team and company super recomended! Luis Vaca is the manager he supervises group 24 that are always making the best job!
Cherby aristilCherby aristil
13:43 02 Feb 24
Group of 05 all well done and compliant
Irene DeGrootIrene DeGroot
21:59 01 Feb 24
I want to give Epic Landscaping a 👍 for the nice job they have done adding the new trees to our community. The trees really add a nice touch. And to thank them for the mulch they laid down on the front of my house. It looks so much better. Thank you guys.
Ydania EstradaYdania Estrada
19:34 01 Feb 24
Misael's group 28 does an excellent job.
Marco AlmeidaMarco Almeida
15:44 01 Feb 24
Great company follows through in their promises. Carlos was thorough and went through everything with me before making a selection. Thank you
Edward PozzuoliEdward Pozzuoli
04:23 01 Feb 24
I’ve been in my home with a relatively large parcel of land for many years. As original planted landscaping overgrew, died, or just became dated, I decided to update my grounds and revamp the various trees, shrubs, and assorted plants. Over the last ten years, I’ve had five different companies do work, all with their suggestions but never achieving my desired look. When I saw a renovated home in Delray, the landscaping was magnificent, and I inquired about the company Epic Landscaping. In October, they reviewed what I had and what I wanted, offered suggestions, and gave me a proposal. I had a small time frame to get the work done, and not only did they complete it on my schedule with a fair price, but I can unequivocally say they nailed it, and it is beautiful.Most importantly, the foreman, Jose, worked with me (and I can be difficult) on the various changes as it was a “work in progress,” and he provided the utmost professional service with a genuine concern for my satisfaction and open, responsive communication. I was so satisfied I am now planning additional work for my backyard. I recommended their firm to a contractor friend, and likewise, they provided similar quality and artistic plans. In a world that professional quality is difficult to find, I highly recommend this company and suggest you request Jose to provide you with the same excellent service at a fair price.
rafael delpilarrafael delpilar
20:11 23 Jan 24
Great Quality Job across the board easy to work with.Ronal Ramirez made sure my backyard looked how it supposed too after all the trees were chopped down very professional throughout the whole process and consistently follows up to make sure we are happy with the workI recommend this company to anyone needing landscape work done and they also have other services to make it a one stop shop.
Lalaura MorenoLalaura Moreno
20:36 22 Jan 24
Truck #25 did such a good exceptional amazing job for my mother in law house. We’re very happy with the results. God bless you guys.
Marisa HennesseyMarisa Hennessey
17:18 17 Jan 24
We really enjoy Epic Landscaping taking care of our home. They removed and replaced old plants, installed new mulch and do a good job maintaining the landscaping. Carlos is easy to communicate with and the maintenance crew is detail oriented.Highly recommend Epic Landscaping!
Marshall BocaMarshall Boca
15:34 16 Jan 24
We contacted Epic to help us with our backyard Landscaping which was all overgrown. They came out and gave us renderings of their ideas which we really liked. actually did not make many changes to their plan. Josh bravo was in charge of the project and all the workers were very professional and got the job done wonderfully. we are using them for other projects around our yard as well. here are before and after pictures
Armando RojasArmando Rojas
17:05 14 Dec 23
Epic Landscaping did an OUSTANDING job on my private patio which needed an urgent upgrade. Great service and beyond satisfied with their work. Definitely recommend working with them!
George ThibeaultGeorge Thibeault
03:17 11 Dec 23
Could not be happier with the job the team at Epic Landscaping did. Nicole was fantastic. She helped redesign both my front and back yards. She is super responsive and was the main reason I decided to work with Epic on my project. Nicole helped show me design concepts with conceptual drawings that helped visualize how my yard would look.The entire team was very professional, worked hard and cleaned up after every day. The experience was great and I would highly recommend Nicole and the entire team!
Carl LillquistCarl Lillquist
16:52 09 Nov 23
The Epic team did a great job removing an overgrown tree from my back yard and replacing with two new trees. Tree removal crew was very methodical and made sure not to damage my house or my neighbors house. Roots and stump were completely removed, new trees planted, drip irrigation installed, and lots of new sod. Thanks also to Andres who came over to make the quote and was my personal point of contact throughout the entire process, very professional.
Patricia PeñaPatricia Peña
01:27 14 Oct 23
Good work, quality and support. Jose Barquero's exceptional service ensures that there is always efficient and timely attention, making my garden look beautiful.
Javier Herrera PinedaJavier Herrera Pineda
00:14 06 Oct 23
I recently had the pleasure of working with Josue Morales for my landscaping project, and I am incredibly impressed with his work. Josue's professionalism and attention to detail are exceptional.I highly recommend EPIC landscaping and Josue Morales for his expertise and outstanding service!
Regina SiedentopfRegina Siedentopf
23:21 04 Oct 23
Thank you EPIC for sodding the areas damaged by harsh chemicals being spread on my new sod. You guys were amazing, and I appreciate your service. Josh, I believe Eric and others thank you for searching for sod, take the care you did.. You were on time and simply great. Thank you very, very much.
Asher OuazananAsher Ouazanan
23:31 03 Oct 23
Andres and his team have exceeded my expectations! They are amazing. Highly recommend for all your outdoor needs.
John CameroJohn Camero
23:43 27 Sep 23
I have personally had the pleasure of working with Josue Morales and his team over the past 3 months on multiple projects on my home here in south Florida. Josue and his team have been able to help transform my dream home into a reality by creating a beautiful new paver driver, completely redid the front lawn landscaping by installing brand new grass and redid the shrubbery, provided us with a brand new modern black fence around the backyard, removed multiple trees and plants from my property and gave us the landscaping of our dreams. More recently Josue was able to help our family in a emergency situation with responding to us within 5 minutes when a over 100 foot tree fell on our home. Josue and his team was there within 25 minutes and they were able to successfully save my home from further damage and was able to restore the landscaping to the exact way that I wanted. I am truly grateful for Josue and EPIC Landscaping and I will be a customer for life.
00:43 14 Sep 23
NICOLE responded to our inquiry showed up gave us a bid her worker showed up did exactly what they said. The cost is what she quoted. It was pleasant dealing with somebody that did the job that they said they would for the price they said they would.
Maria DangeloMaria Dangelo
19:49 25 Aug 23
Amazing from the start! Trough a long process with the different permits, always stayed in touch,and communication was great! Josh Bravo sealed the deal for me! Amazing crew, very hard workers and did an amazing job! The best company in town for sure!
Francis HernandezFrancis Hernandez
21:06 24 Aug 23
If I could give 10 stars, it would be excellent service from Jose Barquero.
Kip RabinKip Rabin
13:16 15 Aug 23
Alex was recommended to me by a contractor I trust. Now I trust Alex. He went to my home in 30 minutes after I called. Scheduled me for a few days later and finished the job in one day. The before and after appearance is amazing. Everything was perfect. Highly recommend
Ann HugginsAnn Huggins
14:09 03 Aug 23
Josue is really helpful and willing to get the job done in a professional and timely manner, he and his crew are respectful. They cut back the neighbors tall tree that was hanging over the yard and roof, installed fencing and fixed the side gate. They have cleaned and weeded the yard several times. Great service.
Michael GMichael G
14:36 02 Aug 23
The epic crew group 10 is very professional and good customer service is a priorityWill recommend
Dralulu SanchezDralulu Sanchez
00:09 02 Aug 23
Great company because their staff very friendly and they did amazing job.All properties looks different so beautiful.Josue Morales and his crew were very skilled in their work.I would highly recommend them.
Luis BrignoniLuis Brignoni
22:13 01 Aug 23
I did some research before choosing Epic Landscaping and I was 100% right in going with this Company. Andres Muneton was so professional and dependable from start to finish. His professional recommendations were outstanding. Our landscaping looks amazing! All the employees were great also. They were paying a close attention to my wife and mine needs and were always willing to pleased us. They worked nonstop and transformed the existing lawn and beds into a beautiful landscape. I would recommend Epic Landscaping to anyone looking for a top quality, professional job with great people. Thank you Guys!
Mary RubinesMary Rubines
18:19 01 Aug 23
The company EPIC Landscaping/Nursery has been amazing fulfilling my landscaping dream. I have used EPIC Landscaping for many years to do my garden, to remove a tree, to plant palm trees as so forth. Their service is great and their prices very reasonable. You can't find a better landscaping company than EPIC. Josue Morales is the personal contact. He is the Manager for EPIC. He is an amazing person always willing to help me with any of my landscaping needs. I have recommended EPIC Landscaping to my family and friends. If you want excellent services call EPIC Landscaping and ask for Josue Morales.
Rachel MendezRachel Mendez
21:00 25 Jul 23
Great experience with Epic landscaping from beginning to end. We hired them to transform our backyard, which was hideous after a pool build, into a true oasis. Andres was responsive and helpful and understood what my needs were. Within two days, I had a thorough invoice and an install date. Everything was completed quickly but, more importantly, expertly done. Whatever issues we had were resolved right away. Can’t say enough good things about the quality of work! Amazing crew!
Caroline LongCaroline Long
23:33 07 Jun 23
Epic Landscaping came through fast for us when we bought a home that needed a little love outside. Jose came up with a few creative renderings in our budget range and worked with us to form the perfect low maintenance landscaping design. They were quick, communicative, affordable, and the landscaping came out very professional!
Randall JimenezRandall Jimenez
19:24 31 Jan 23
Amazing company to do business with. Easy to get a hold of, very knowledgeable, reliable, great business mindset. overall an outstanding irrigation and landscaping company. Alex the owner was extremely knowledgeable and helped us with the design of our landscaping from Renderings to the finished product that included the irrigation, landscape lighting, Hardscape and everything that was needed to beautify front and backyard.
Rich V (Richii)Rich V (Richii)
02:25 23 Aug 22
Very communicative, professional, and prompt with services. Will definitely recommend without question! I look forward to hiring Epic for my future landscaping projects without hesitation. Thank you!
A EdwardsA Edwards
17:31 09 Jul 22
Josh Bravo, thank you and the Epic landscaping team for installing my pavers. Josh set expectations and goals from the start. ...Gather relevant information and got the job done.Much appreciated and thank you again.
Mark SteinbornMark Steinborn
15:07 24 Apr 22
We used Epic to replace a lot of our landscaping that was old and dying. They were extremely responsive, always professional and their pricing was fair. Most important for me, they think of things I never would have, For example I have a lot of large rocks in our landscaping and they recommended power washing them. Who knew? The yard looks amazing and we now use them for monthly maintenance. Thanks especially to Ramon and group 29 and Faren for taking care of us.
Ana TejadaAna Tejada
17:37 30 Mar 22
Andres and his company provide efficient and professional landscaping services and are reliable when needed. He provides prompt service taking care of all landscaping projects in a timely manner. I had the pleasure of having the company do my lawn for several years and will not hesitate to continue using this company for my landscaping needs. Overall, this company has an A+ for excellent service and professionalism.
Sara HoyosSara Hoyos
17:23 30 Mar 22
Best landscape company. The workers are very professional and nice. Andres is a great point of contact and he is always available with the best attitude. I can't complain about them.